Monday, 28 November 2016

Trevor Pateman, Silence Is So Accurate ISBN 9780993587924 Published February 2017

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Published February 2017. Hardback only. 224 pages. Price £20

A book of twenty seven chapters including Memoir and literary & social criticism. In other words, literary non-fiction or belles lettres. Chapter titles shown on the  front cover as above. Cameo appearances by Michel Foucault and Yasser Arafat, among others. 

Available to order direct from but also from all bookshops and online from the usual suspects. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Trevor Pateman Materials and Medium ISBN 9780993587917 Published October 2016

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A general, non-technical work in aesthetics, the title of each chapter shown on the inside cover flap. 

160 pages, ISBN 9780993587917  Hardback only, £17.95

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Signed copies on sale at Blackwell's  in Broad Street, Oxford as at May 2017. Copies ordered online from Blackwell will also be signed.

Trevor Pateman, The Best I Can Do ISBN 9780993587900 Published May 2016

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Memoir and social criticism - the cover shows the twenty six chapter titles. Interesting chapter on the re-titling of paintings by Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum which has caused some re-thinking by the museum. 

176 pages. ISBN 9780993587900   Paperback only,  £8.95

Available to order from but also from bookshops and online from the usual suspects.

What they have said about this book:

Invited to pick one old and one new book for Times Higher Education Summer Reads, Deborah Cameron, Professor of Language and Communication at Oxford chose this book:

My new book is The Best I Can Do, a collection of short essays in which the philosopher-turned-stamp-dealer Trevor Pateman reflects on everything from bus passes to the semiotics of lipstick - and whether scholarship should be a hobby rather than a salaried occupation.